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Almudena: the archive

In the "Almudena" archive, the deteriorated photographs that accompany the tombstones of the Almudena Cemetery, constitute the starting point of a critical reflection on some of the dogmas that have defined the status of photography: the imperishability of the image, its capacity to register or its debatable value of truth. 


With the intention of redefining a limited territory as a photographic archive, I began to record and accumulate some of these images attracted by their plastic qualities: a collection of fossils where to explore the trace of the living and the dead.


Without denying the power of the photographic image in capturing the individual or the characteristic, my interest in portraiture lies in that which allows us to access layers of the anonymous or the universal. From there, my action arises a critical question that contravenes the portrait and its fidelity.


Beyond the frozen instant and the individual identity of the people represented in the photographs on which the project focuses, a scenario opens up in which the images, fragile, mutate into abstractions: slowly and randomly, memory and matter dialogue. 


The project is articulated on an approach that connects the process of degradation to which the physical support of any photograph is subjected with the finiteness of human existence. Which, in my opinion, far from devaluing the photographic document, enhances it by representing through the impermanence of its matter the certainty of our own disappearance.

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