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      -   2018

All the ashes that appear in the photographs of this project belong to people who passed away in 2018. During that year I carried out a process of monitoring and accompaniment to a small enclosed territory, located in a cemetery.

This place, called The Garden of Remembrance, is a green space surrounded by rose bushes, which is available to the relatives of the deceased for the scattering of their ashes.

Periodically I visited this land intervened by figures and silhouettes that were drawn by chance and precision when the ashes of deceased people were deposited in the ground, as a result of the rituals of memory and farewell that are carried out in this place.

I recorded and accumulated the different states of this landscape of bodies in constant transformation, and observed the modifications that the passage of time and the forces of nature itself; the rain, the wind, the sun, exert on the bodies, creating new relationships and forms.

Images formed from tensions and balances between apparently opposing forces, such as the figurative and the abstract, the floral and the dry and the living and the dead, as a result of a cyclical, latent and performative process where individuals are transformed, mixed and fade away, offering us the tangible presence of a residual vestige.

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