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Blueprints: rehearsals for death

Technique: cyanotype on fabric

Dimensions: 105 x 210 cm

In the field of engineering and architecture, the term 'blueprint' was commonly used to refer to any type of detailed plan or graphic representation. In this broad sense, "blueprint" refers to any technical image containing specific details about an object or structure.

This set of 1:1 scale anatomical maps responds to a research inherited from the origins of art: the aspiration to understand ourselves.As a starting point, I take the relationship between the body and its representation through the creation of a series of cyanotypes using sunlight, sea water, minerals and our own matter as tools.

I revisit the genre of portraiture from a precept that transcends the elements that define notions of the individual, beyond gender or race, challenging our conceptions of representation inscribed in the cultural idea of portraiture as a form of objective affirmation.

Blueprints seeks multiple and unfixed approaches to who we are through principles of representation close to the anonymous: a search for identity as a sum of forms.

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