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Born in 1988, Madrid (Spain). He graduated as a telecommunications engineer in 2013. For three editions he was part of the CASA program, has studied creativity and strategies in contemporary art with Javier Vallhonrat and has an international master's degree in auteur photography from EFTI. 


As an artist she explores the frontiers conventionally attributed to reality and the photographic medium, aspiring to better understand the world around us and our own existence. His approaches promote and encourage critical and reflective analysis of the images that surround us, taking a contemporary and multidisciplinary perspective in its developments. 


The body of his work focuses mainly on questions of ontological order, related to the nature of the human, such as existence, appearance, identity and essence, exploring them through their material and conceptual dimensions.

Exhibitions and recognitions:

2023                   Selected for portfolio viewing Art Photo Bcn (Spain)

2023                   Residency of Creation and Photographic Experimentation REVELA'T 23 (Spain)

2023                   Exhibition, Rotterdam Photo '23 (Netherlands)

2023                   Promoted by "ITmakES Art" for Descubrimientos Photoespaña 23 (Spain)

2023                   Exhibition "Almudena" Photo festival Mirades 23 (Spain)

2022                   Nominee for Carte Blanche program Paris Photo 22 (France)

2022                   Shortlist Getxophoto 23 (Spain)

2022                   Exhibition, Contemporary landscape CICA (South Korea)

2022                   Dummy Shortlisted Carta Bianca Dorso Press (Italy)

2022                   Longlisted Format Festival (UK)

2022                   Winner III Casa (Spain)

2022                   Dummy Shortlisted Fiebre Photobook (Spain)

2022                   Exhibition, Sala FUJIFILM Efti (Spain)

2022                   Finalist EX+S 22 (Spain)

2022                   Exhibition, Somos Cómplices Gallery (Spain)

2022                   Exhibition individual CasaFilete (Spain)

2022                   Herri Partaidetza Getxophoto 22 (Spain)

2021                   Selected for portfolio viewing FIFV Valparaíso (Chile)

2021                   Selected for portfolio viewing Photoespaña 21 (Spain)

2021                   Selected for portfolio viewing MAPS Getxophoto 21 (Spain)

2021                   Exhibition “Remain” Espacio Cómplices Gallery (Spain)

2020                   Honorable Mention ON photo Festival (Spain)

2020                   Selected for portfolio viewing Fiebre Photobook (Spain)

2019                   Selected for portfolio viewing BEphoto (Spain)

2018                   Selected for portfolio viewing ONG, Organización Nelson Garrido (Venezuela)

2018                   Exhibition “Cuadernos Vallekanos” (Spain)

2017                   Exhibition “Vortice” (Spain)

Publications & art fairs:

2023                   "The Annihilation of Space and Time" - Catalogue Zerofeedback (Japan)

2023                   Autozine Fest 2 (Spain)

2023                   Libros Mutantes 20th aniversary (Spain)

2022                   CAPTION Magazine Issue 18 (Chile)

2022                   Fiebre Photobook (Spain)
2022                   Exposición colectiva Art Battalion (Spain) 

2022                   Art&techno festival of arts (Spain) 

2022                   Museo efímero ROCART II (Spain) 

2022                   Recreo Art Book Fair (Spain

2022                   Autozine Fest 1 (Spain)

2022                   Libros Mutantes (Spain)

2022                   Fanzine "Obra obra", 1º edition "Ediciones la mosca"

2022                   "Me lo dijo la montaña" 1º edition "", 4x re-prints

2022                   Comtemporary art fair - Hybrid Art Fair (Spain)


2021-2022          Master in contemporary photography *Prize 1st Promotion, EFTI (Spain)

2020                   Creativity and strategies in contemporary photography with Javier Vallhonrat (Spain)

2019                   Cinematographic lighting applied to photography, EFTI (Spain)

2017-2019          CASA project monitoring with Oscar Monzón and Antonio Xoubanova (Spain)

2007-2013          Telecommunications engineering (Spain, Poland)

For copies, queries or projects you can write me by email or direct message on Instagram :)



IG: @javier.talavera_

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