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山告诉我 / Shān gàosù wǒ / The mountain told me

In 2019, driven by feng-shui and its principle of seeking harmony and balance, I undertook an ancient pilgrimage route through five sacred mountains of Taoism. 

According to Chinese mythology, these five great mountains originated from the body of Pangu, the first being and creator of everything we know. After his effort, Pangu lay down to rest and died. For centuries, pilgrims have been ascending these five peaks to understand his work.

Along the way I photographed my journey from the five sacred mountains to the 70th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the PRC, People's Republic of China.

As a viewer, I stood before the wall of the Chinese people's complex relationship with their physical and non-physical heritage. I began to enter the space of the image, of icons and symbols; traversing the mass of collective repetition in search of new structures, traveling through an unreal and dreamlike landscape.

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